Rail Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management

Effective Fleet Maintenance Management optimises rail vehicle utilisation in a cost effective manner without compromising safety.

Our services can be tailored to suit specific requirements and can include:-

  • the sourcing of a suitable Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) to satisfy European legislation.

  • the sourcing of a suitable maintenance contractor.

  • routine monitoring of maintenance contractorsí work.

  • routine monitoring of the maintenance worksite(s).

  • routine monitoring of contractorsí pricing / invoicing.

  • routine monitoring of rail vehicle movements / mileages / component usage etc.

  • development and implementation of a Safety Performance Monitoring system that satisfies Railway Group Standard requirements.

  • early detection of possible problematic components.

  • monitoring and investigation of component performance levels.

  • review and risk assessment of planned maintenance periodicities to avoid unnecessary costs associated with both "under" and "over" maintenance.

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